About AGI

James W. Steiner – President

James Steiner founded Alliance Group International, Inc. in 1987, recognizing all companies lack resources at times, and need a strategic, seamless sales and marketing support arm. In the past 24 years, he has assisted more than 600 organizations in planning and executing high-performance go-to-market strategies throughout North America and 27 European countries. James has developed and deployed innovative and accelerated marketing and sales processes and programs that have been adopted by Fortune 100 companies. AGI’s Core Methodology outperforms traditional sales and marketing models to the delight of AGI clients, from start-ups to major corporations.  James also serves the community as a volunteer as well as CEO of Ministry Alliance Network an National Men’s Ministry Organization.

Whitney Cunningham-Steiner –
Executive Vice President

Whitney Cunningham-Steiner is the chief architect of the systems and processes used to deliver services on client programs in North America and EMEA at Alliance Group International. For the past 24 years, Whitney also heads the Client Services department and all operations at headquarters including that of CFO and COO creating best practice financial and operational systems to implement and deploy high impact, measurable and accountable programs.

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